Mark your calendars for our first ever Granny's Closet Benefit Sale!!  

Most of our warehouse will be open to the public and all proceeds from this sale will be used to better assist the people we serve. 

At Granny's, we often run out of necessity items like toilet paper, tissues, toothpaste, etc.  There are also times when a senior might be in need of something we don't currently have available at the warehouse (such as a fan, or special size clothing).   Proceeds will be used to keep necessities in stock and fund individual requests on a case by case basis.

Stop by to get some great deals at our sale and help seniors at the same time!!

Fridley Parade, June 14th

We are receiving numerous thank you notes from seniors who received gifts through our Angel Program last December.  Our favorite quote so far?  From a case worker who said, "He started crying when he saw the (tennis) shoes and put them on right away.  You made his Christmas!"

May 17th, we held our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at Billy's in Anoka.  HUGE THANK YOU to all of our volunteers - these ladies are the reason Granny's keeps running smoothly week to week.  We appreciate them more than they'll ever know.  Thank you, volunteers!!

Blaine Festival, June 23rd

Latest News and Announcements

We've been out and about this summer!  Most recently, we drove a 1956 F-100 in the Fridley Parade and then hosted a booth in the Civic Tent at the Blaine Festival.  If you see us out there, please come say hello!   


Granny's Closet provides for the needs of seniors and adults with disabilities, who are referred to us by an Anoka or Sherburne County agency.