Ramsey Parade, Sept 8th

After:  Separated items, printed VELCRO labels to move as needed.

Before:  Summer and winter items combined, hand written labels.

Pictured above are some of our AMAZING Sherburne County volunteers!  Left to right:  Sharon Kolstad, Julie Mayo, Lois Schmeckpeper

Anoka Halloween Parade, Oct 27th

Here are a few of the many thank you notes that have been coming to us daily.  Thanks to all of our Angels who made sure these clients had a merry and bright Christmas!

Not only did the Medtronic team make incredible improvements within each major department, but they also:  added safety bars to our railings upstairs, fixed shelving, cleaned windows, put privacy film on our windows, created a floor plan poster, made labels/signage for everything, put together Grab & Go bags, unpacked seasonal items and most importantly - THEY HAD FUN WHILE DOING IT!

After:  New, clear bins to see what's available, and printed signs.

Some of our AMAZING volunteers were in the Ramsey Happy Days Parade on September 8th.  And again at the Anoka Halloween Parade on October 27th.

Thank you to the St. Patrick's Church Circles of Claddagh Women's Ministry for their generous donations.  They retocked our stash of toilet paper, cleaning supplies and much more.

After:  Neatly organized with clear labeling and allocated space.

Before and after photos of our Men's, Women's, Personal Care, and Household Departments:

After:  Cleaned out, organized and labeled clearly.

Before:  Blankets mixed together and piled too deep.

On Tuesday, June 25th, Medtronic sent 45+ employees out to our Anoka Warehouse.  Their goal was to get our warehouse cleaned out and organized, to make it easier for social workers and case managers to find what they need for their clients.  Words can't express how thankful we are for their help!!  The before and after pictures speak volumes and we couldn't be happier with the final results!!

To the Medtronic team:

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!!  What you did for us, for the agencies who utilize us and ultimately for those we serve, is something we will never forget.  Each and every one of you was a pleasure to work with and we hope you understand the impact this will have within our community for years to come.  Cheers!

Latest News and Announcements

Before:  Old, tattered bins with difficult to read labels.

Medtronic Volunteers

Granny's Closet provides for the needs of seniors and adults with disabilities, by partnering with Anoka and Sherburne County agencies.

Did you know Granny's Closet doesn't have any paid employees?  That's right - we're all volunteers!  February 21st, we celebrated our accomplishments over the past year at Pizza Ranch in Andover.  These ladies are the reason we get to keep serving seniors and adults with disabilities in Anoka and Sherburne Counties.  Cheers to them!!  

Before:  Items packed wherever they fit.