The History of Granny's

With over 250 volunteers in 2017, it's hard to believe Granny's started with a misunderstanding.

In 1998, Linda Harris decided to anonymously help a senior in need of clothing.  She contacted a senior center and asked for the names of a couple potential candidates.  What she received was a list of FORTY-FOUR names and according to Linda, "I didn't know what to do.  Everyone on the list had been contacted and asked what they wanted for Christmas!"

Linda, with a heart of gold, grabbed some recipe cards and wrote down each name and request.

Being a real estate agent, she brought her recipe cards to the Conference of Women in Real Estate and asked for help from her fellow realtors.  Within minutes, every card was gone.  Between family, friends and her fellow agents, gifts were purchased for FIFTY-NINE seniors.  Some of these seniors, having outlived their friends and relatives, hadn't received a present like this in years.  

Linda quickly realized the need didn’t stop after the holiday season.  Granny’s name has since changed from “Christmas Closet” to “Closet” and we started accepting donations of clothing, personal care and household items year round.  Donated items are stored at a warehouse space (provided free of charge by Anoka County) and maintained by volunteers.  The warehouse is available 24/7 to Anoka County social workers who are able to come “shop” for items ranging from toilet paper and toothpaste to household goods and home décor at absolutely no charge to their clients

In 2009, Linda stepped down and passed the Granny’s tradition to a new Board of Directors.  We continue to run solely on generous donations and the hard work of our volunteers.  In 2017, Granny's  helped over 500 seniors and we’re excited to see what 2018 will bring!  

 2018 Board of  Directors

  President:  Jennifer Stern* 

  Vice President:  Tiffany Peterson

  Volunteer Coordinator:  Sue Hoey

  Warehouse Manager:  Marge Patnode

  Angels Program Coordinator:  Tiffany Peterson

  Treasurer:  Suzy Betts

  Secretary:  Connie Larson

  IT/Media Coordinator:  Wendy  Dahlen

​  Board Members:  Leslie Lundequam

  *for URGENT issues, Jennifer can be

  contacted at 612-999-3000

Back:  Connie, Jen, Suzy, Julie, Tiffany

Granny's Board of Directors 2017

Front:  Linda, Wendy, Marge