Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our program:

Q:  May I deliver the gift to the client myself?
​A:  No, this is an anonymous program and all gifts are delivered by case managers.

Q:  Could I adopt more than one client?  Could my organization adopt several people?
​A:  Yes, we limit individuals to 5 clients until we know how many Angels we have.  Organizations, businesses or groups can adopt up to 50 clients.

Q:  I'm not available on the scheduled drop off days; do you have other drop off days?
​A:  No, please contact us to make alternate plans beforehand.

Q:  Can I buy more than what is on the wish list?
​A:  Yes, however, please DO NOT gift food of any kind (unless it's been requested), as a lot of the clients who participate have dietary restrictions and/or allergies.

Q:  Does the item need to be new?
​A:  Yes, please only purchase new items and when available, please include the gift receipt.

Q:  Do I have to buy everything on the wish list?
​A:  No, it is up to you if you would like to purchase some or all of the items.

Q:  May I buy gifts online?
​A:  Yes, it is OK to purchase gifts through Amazon or other online retailers.

Q:  What about a gift receipt?
A:  If you have one, please include it, however, gift receipts are not mandatory.

Q:  May I give the client a holiday card?
​A:  Yes, of course - but please do not sign your name or give any contact information as this is an anonymous program.

Q:  Instead of adopting a client, can I donate money directly to Granny’s Closet so you can buy items throughout the year?
​A:  Of course!  Click here for options.

Angel Program FAQ