Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our program:

Q:  May I deliver the gift to the client myself?
​A:  No, this is an anonymous program and all gifts are delivered by case managers.

Q:  Could I sponsor more than one client?  Could my organization sponsor several people?
​A:  Yes!  You/your organization are welcome to sponsor as many as you'd like.

Q:  I'm not available on the scheduled drop off days; do you have other drop off days?
​A:  No, please contact us to make alternate plans beforehand.

Q:  Can I buy more than what is on the wish list?
​A:  Yes, however, please DO NOT gift food of any kind (unless it's been requested), as a lot of the clients who participate have dietary restrictions and/or allergies.

Q:  Does the item need to be new?
​A:  Yes, please only purchase new items and when available, please include the gift receipt.

Q:  Do I have to buy everything on the wish list?
​A:  No, it is up to you if you would like to purchase some or all of the items.

Q:  How do I know what style or color to buy if it isn't on the request?

A:  This happens a lot, and we always suggest you purchase whatever YOU might like to receive.  A client once asked for new sheets but didn't specify colors or patterns.  She later sent a thank you note saying she hadn't slept in NEW sheets since her wedding 50 years ago, and added that she felt like a queen in her new bedding.  She didn't care about the color - she was simply excited to have something new.  

Q:  May I buy gifts online?
​A:  Yes, it is OK to purchase gifts through Amazon or other online retailers.

Q:  What about a gift receipt?
A:  If you have one please include it, however, gift receipts are not mandatory.  And please know our clients all have case managers or an employee at their residence to assist them with exchanges if needed.

Q:  May I give the client a holiday card?
​A:  Yes, of course - but please do not sign your last name or give any contact information as this is an anonymous program.

Q:  Instead of sponsoring a client, can I donate money directly to Granny’s Closet so you can buy items throughout the year?
​A:  Of course!  Click here for options.

Angel Program FAQ